17 Great Tips and Tricks for iOS 10

iOS 10, which is the latest update to Apple’s mobile collection, was officially released on the 13th of September. This new update is a bit special. It comes with lots of features, updates, functionalities as well as tricks that are aimed at refining your iPhone or iPad experience. The new update will require some time before you can have your way through all the awesome improvements. Thus, to make this experience easier and hassle-free for you, we’ll help you with 17 iOS 10 tips and tricks. Enjoy!
1.      How You Can Sketch In Messages
This feature, which is fun by the way, was first introduced on the App Watch. The feature will definitely find more fans since it is now on iPads and iPhones. To use this feature, open “Messages” and tap the “Sketch” icon. The icon is heart-shaped with two fingers. Sketch your drawing on the black rectangle and it’ll be delivered, as an animation, to the recipient.
2.      How You Can Share Website Links in iMessage
If you place a website link in one of your messages, the link will be expanded to show the content’s image. The recipient can tap on the image to read the content. If it’s a YouTube video, it can be played directly in the iMessage platform.
3.      How You Can Prioritize Downloads With 3D Touch
This tip is very useful if you are downloading lots of apps simultaneously, for instance, when you are setting up your new Apple device but you want to use some of the apps before the other apps finish downloading. To do this, force-press the icon of the desired app and select “Prіоrіtіzе Download.” You can аlѕо ѕеlесt “Pause Dоwnlоаd” оn thе apps that уоu’rе nоt іntеrеѕtеd іn.
4.      How You Can Swipe
You’ll come across a new Home screen when you install iOS 10 for the first time. Since Touch ID has been entrenched on all iPhones and iPads, the swipe to unlock feature is no longer needed. All you have to do now is to swipe right to access a Widgets window. This window is similar to Notifications seen in iOS 9. You can also swipe left to use your camera. Although these new features are more intuitive when compared to the current ones, they’ll, however, require some time for them to become intuitive.
Also, you can now easily unlock your iPhone by pressing the Home button and keeping your finger held on the Home button for Touch ID.
5.      Updated Camera Shortcut
We’ve been able to swipe up from the lock screen to access the camera ever since iOS 7. This is no more the case with the introduction of iOS 10. You now need to swipe left to take a picture. Although it’s a basic change, it has the tendency of resulting in lots of confusion.
6.      How You Can Have a Quick Look at Notifications
You don’t need to press any buttons before looking at your notifications. Thanks to the newly released iOS 10. Just pick your Apple device and the screen will wake. You саn thеn gо tо “Settings” аnd thеn “Dіѕрlау & Brіghtnеѕѕ,” thеn tоgglе оn “Rаіѕе tо wake.”
7.      How You Can Find Your Parked Car
iOS 10 is a smart feature  and can detect when you go out for a drive and your car is parked at a new location. iOS 10 will recollect where your car is parked and will help place a pin on the Maps app. This will prevent you from wasting time while figuring out where your car is parked in the parking lot.
8.      How You Can Avoid Toll Roads in Maps
Apart from the redesign of the user interface, Apple is also helping its users to save money by helping them to avoid tolls. This feature helps users to retrieve driving directions which bypass routes with expensive tolls. You can use this feature by going to “Settings,” then choose “Maps,” “Driving & Navigation” and then toggle the switch to what you prefer.
9.      How You Can Delete Apple’s Built-In iOS Apps
This feature is a life-saver for users that have been complaining about not been able to delete apps such as Stocks. iOS 10 will enable users of Apple devices to delete any Apple iOS app that is pre-installed. So, if you’re not a fan of apps like News, Clock, Stocks and Reminders, you can easily get rid of them.
10.  How You Can Stop Annoying Email Newsletters
Although Apple Mail has not experienced huge updates this year, however, a single little trick makes it useful. With the new feature, you can easily unsubscribe from pesky newsletters via a tap. Simply open up one of such mails and tap the “unsubscribe” option located at the top.
11.  How You Can Adjust Flashlight Intensity
This feature is a great tweak in the new update. You can adjust the flashlight intensity between three different settings if you give the Control Center a call and apply a 3D Touch to the Flashlight icon. If you are looking for a different flashlight, you can explore multiple products on Groupon.
12.  How You Can Send a WhatsApp Message Using Your Voice
Siri has been opened up to devs in iOS 10 by Apple. The interesting part is that WhatsApp is now on board. This new update will enable users to simply ask Siri to send a message without going through the stress of opening the app.
13.  How You Can Use Digital Touch in iMessage
This feature was first introduced on the Apple Watch. It’s now available on both iPad and iPhone. This feature will enable you to send sketched messages as well as neat annotated messages. This feature will definitely become popular with certain group of people.
14.  How You Can Set Effects for Messages
iOS 10 enables you to dictate how you want the bubble will animate your message on the other person’s screen when you compose a message in the iMessage app. To use this feature, tap and hold on the send icon after writing a message. Then, you’ll see bubble effects like Slam, Gentle or Invisible ink. These can also be used with the images that you’re sending.
When the effects come up, you can switch from “Bubble” to “Screen” via the top and can then apply full-screen effects with audio. You can achieve this by swiping through the full-screen effects that you come across.
15.  How You Can Send Photos in iMessage
To send photos in iMessage, simply tap the camera icon in the iMessage. This will give you the opportunity to snap a photo to include in your message. You can also select recent pictures from your gallery. Access the camera or gallery app by swiping left to right. You can also be provided with options to either “Markup” or “Edit it” if the photo is tapped in the composition field. This is the ideal option for quick highlighting.
16.  How You Can Use Split View in Safari
If you’re making use of Safari on your iPad device, then tap and hold on the screen, then from the resulting menu, you can choose “Open in Split View.” This will enable you to get two different website pages beside each other. Each of the web pages works on its own without relying on each other. Each page also has its address bar as well as tabs.
17.  How To Ensure You Don’t Run Out of Storage
The new iOS 10 makes it very easy for you to make room available on your Apple devices. This is due to the new storage optimization feature which enables users to use of a setting that will delete songs in the music library if such songs have not been played for a while. This deletion will be done automatically.

Go ahead and use these features. I’ll love to know your experience with the features through the comment section below.