Facebook Prank | Suggest Your Friends To Themselves

Today when i log in my Facebook account, Suddenly i got a friend request of mine or suggested by one of my friend to me and you might have seen that you are getting friend request from yourself. It's nothing but just a back door of Facebook or you can say a friend request trick. You can easily do this trick of sending friend request of your friend to themselves.

I was start to think that someone may have created my fake account, but its not true. let me explain to you, what I mean.

Suggest your friends to yourself Chrome extension will suggest your friends to their own account. Your friends will go crazy when they will see that you suggested them to their own account.

Simple Steps

  • Install and open Social toolkit chrome extension 
  • Click on suggest Friends
  • Now, your friends will receive a friend request of themself

"It is just a prank and doesn't produce any harm"