Samsung Galaxy S6 – Under the Hood of Rumors

We’ve already seen the most-anticipated Galaxy device of the year and its Galaxy S5 revealed by Samsung a few weeks earlier and they’re now triggering to ship the devices to their customers right now.
Although, Galaxy S5 embedded a lot of features under its 5.1-inch hood, it lacked a lot of users’ expectation. Therefore, a lot of people are already eyeing on the next Galaxy S series that yet to be revealed as the most anticipated device of 2015 like all the Galaxy S predecessors. But, Samsung might just be kind enough to change their minds to take their turns with the next flagship of iPhone and go round in circles with releasing Note 4 and Galaxy S6 in October 2014. Let’s see what to expect and we’ll try to provide all the unveiled specs till now since we’ve no confirmation from Samsung officially. 

Design & Build Quality

From the looks of Galaxy S5, it didn’t disappoint anyone with its build quality and design. It’s a bit larger phone to operate in one hand, but once it’s on your hand, you can optimize it pretty quickly. Therefore, Galaxy S6 might feature and same outlook of Galaxy S5 while improving on the thin bezels and overall design of the smartphone. We’re hearing a lot about Flexible display technology and we’re yet to confirm any of the news. First we heard, Galaxy Note 4 might bring OLED flexible display but soon this rumor vanished since Samsung is said to be announcing a new series with their flexible devices.

For Samsung, plastic back cover always played the part. But, we’re seeing leather back cover underneath its back on the recent flagship devices from Samsung. We’d love to see metallic unibody on the next flagship S series and Samsung might be able to notice it from now on. So, you can expect to see Galaxy S6 in its 5-5.4 inches and thinner bezels. 

Features & Specs

Galaxy S5 has industry-leading Snapdragon 801 and Adreno 330 on its performance-throttle mode. But in order to conquer in the future, they’ll need more than that. Samsung might feature their ultimate weapon Exynos 8000 series on their Galaxy S6 with 16-core processors. In many aspects, smartphones are tending to conquer the specs of laptops these days. Galaxy Note 3, LG G2, HTC One M8 are examples of the many devices that are holding their own against the low-powered laptops. These are some of the aspiring specs that we might unveil on the face of Galaxy S6.
-         Snapdragon 810 64-bit/ Exynos 8000 16-core Chipset
-         3-4GB RAM
-         21MP Rear Camera
-         3300-3500mAh Battery
-         Android 5.0
We’re not quite sure about the OS since Google hasn’t yet announced their next version of Android. 

Release Date

Still it’s a long journey to unveil the future Galaxy S6. We’ve just shown you the things that we’ve grasped till now. From the looks of Samsung’s pre-determined calendar, Galaxy S series’ new update might be revealed on the next year just like all the other Galaxy S series devices. Let’s hope our assumptions and rumors bangs on target and Samsung might notice what we want and deliver a finest flagship under a reasonable price-point.