iOS 8; Features, Apps and Speculations

The iPhone6 could be several months away from being released but we need to take an in-depth look at the software that it will bring along with it when it comes to the market in the course of the year.
Apple is anticipated to make a release of the brand new iOS 8 update that is expected to take the place of iOS 7 and come along with changes and enhancements to the iPad and iPhone.
Some speculations talk about the new Apple products from Apple which include the new iOS update, new iPads and the new OSX update. There is also a new iPhone which is also being referred to as the iPhone6.
There are rumors about the iOS update though it is yet to arrive in the market. Earlier in the year, Apple made the announcement that it would take the stage at the annual WWDC Conference in San Francisco that is meant to display all the changes that have been made to iOS and OSX. Rumors suggest that that iOS 8 will be having the same spotlight with the new OSX software that is developed for Mac users by Apple.

Release Date of the iOS 8

There are rumors that Apple will talk about the  OSX and IOS  at WWDC which means that the IOS update which has been rumored many a time will make its’ debut just the way the IOS  7 before it made its entry in the market.

iOS 8 Features

iOS 8 is expected to be accompanied by OSX 10.10.  Apple’s Mac software which is named as OSX 10.10 has been rumored to be redesigned inn such a manner that it will blend well with OSX features.
Apple provides an iOS beta to people to help them to straighten up any issues before the actual release to the public.
The iOS 8 beta is t to be confirmed but we are aware that the versions that have been there previously have had some time in the beta program before being released. This means that the chances are high that the iOS 8 beta has to be prodded before its’ release in the market.
Apple is providing an OS X 10.9.3 beta to the public but the iOS 8 beta is not expected as soon. The iOS betas are only available to the developers and there is no given guarantee that Apple will make it available to IPhone or IPad owners who are not a part of the developers’ program.

iOS 8 rumors reflect to a HealthBook that is new and mirrors the Passbook look which is an application that came along the IOS 6 some few years ago.  The HealthBook keeps a track of the user’s fitness and health by storing several pieces of information together. 
The iOS 8 is believed to come together with Microsoft- Surface-like split-screening; this means that users can snap two apps and make use of them at any given time.


It seems like Apple will definitely correct the double notification window that is seen in the Notification center.

Photo Credit:  ibtimes