Apple iPhone 6 Expected Features

Apple is going to do its next blast in the tech world anytime soon. iPhone6 is the device that has been rumored for quite a while now. From the amount of rumors coming with every passing day, it seems everyone's focus is on this Apple-tagged upcoming smartphone. If you want to know what we have got from the mix-up of rumors so far, then do read out below.

Build Quality

Apple has always brought the glimpse of smile on its fans' faces with its devices' superb build quality. Apple iPhone 6 is expected to continue this trend and help Apple stay at the top when it comes to the look. Apple knows it pretty well that its rivals are working hard on the build part of their flagships, so the things are not that easy for the company as they were ever before. 4.7-inch screen is rumored to be there in iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 Display

As per the report of 9to5Mac, the Apple iPhone 6 is expected to come with 1704x960 screen resolution. Many other rumors scream the same thing. By increasing size, apps' developers will need to tweak the code, which may put them off. Improved screen resolution will solve developers' problem, and will allow Apple to use bigger screen size in iPhone 6 without any fear.

A8 Chipset

What's going to be pretty exciting in the iPhone 6 is seeing the 20nm A8 chipset in working mode. Apple has forwarded the production work to TSMC which is entitled to complete company's demand of the chips. This is smart step by Apple, as it will help company reaching the users' demand of iPhone 6.


If the China Post's report is to be believed, then there will be 8-megapixel iSight sensor, which is surely a sad news for photography enthusiasts. VCM OIS actuator module is the name of mechanism that we may find in camera of iPhone 6.

Lytro-like capabilities are also rumored in camera. Now this is something pretty exciting. This is the rumored feature that has taken curiosity of Apple fans to the peak. The talks about this technology have originated from the patent filed by Apple, quite recently.


16GB model's possibility is pretty low, if we take rumors anything to go with. Chances of seeing iPhone 6 with 128GB storage capacity are pretty high.


All features are near to waste if the battery backup of any device is not good. To give a long battery backup to its users, Apple is likely to bring iPhone 6 packed with Non-removable Li-Po battery of 1,750 mAh.

Release Date and Price

In the release date part, different rumors have got different tales to scream. Taking only the trusted sources as reality, expect the iPhone 6 to get launched on 19 September. It's rumored to launch with price tag of 650 Euros.


Since not any single feature is confirmed with official words so far, so take them all with grain of salt. More rumors will come in the near future and we will keep you updated with them.

Photo Credit:  digitalspylatinpost & valuewalk.