An Analytical Dig at iPad Pro [From Rumour Mill, Experts]

It’s been a pretty while that news keeps coming regarding the fantasy product iPad Pro. Sometimes it may be regarding its release date; sometimes it brings something related to its design, etc. 

The creative blend with each of its product has provoked fans to expect something interesting always from the Cupertino Company. So apart from producing stuff those are completely from the rumour mill, we have tried to take an analytical dig about what to expect from the product that has made some buzz.   

Straight From the Rumour Mill 

Let’s serve you first those are readily available.

It is being heard that the company this time plans to present something bigger as an iPad, which is going to be called the “iPad Pro”.
If you are dying while waiting for it, then we have all to say you that the product is expected to be a New Year surprise (though there are many dates from rumour mill).

In terms of pricing, the company has applied a diplomatic strategy this time. It means, the good news is that you don’t need to be worried about the extra bucks. However, you can pick MacBook Air as a reference on this matter.  

Expectations from the Experts 

Instead of baffling you through information from rumour mills it’s always a wiser decision to take the experts into account. If sources are to be believed the shipments haven’t been in a huge bulk to expect such a product anytime this year. Though some are so rude to say that such a product is too late to appear, we speculate without disappointing the fans that at least you should have the patience till 2015.  

Most Probable Features 

With a bigger frame the product is expected to pack some of the interesting features.  Among various statistics, the product is expected to be a 12.9” one. This mammoth pad certainly expected to have revamped and an insightful user interface that can match the expectations as a product with keyboard.
However, according to the Mac maker, the product is going to blend Mac OS X and iOS in a unique operating system. Many have to say this is going to be champ’s idea, while some others raise their eyebrow regarding its practical implementation.   

Making the discussion hotter the snap of an aluminium dummy unit has even surfaced. But, we really couldn’t feel any kind of extra excitement as it could only provide you hint regarding the size of the object; nothing else. The iPadPro is expected to pack the A7 chip like its contemporaries. 


Rivalry between Apple and Samsung is like the ABCD in the world of technology, and we all know the Korean giant crossed the Mac maker through its 12.2” Galaxy Note Pro and Tab Pro slates. On this context, it seems pretty straight to assume the Mac maker for making a 12.9 inch product as a perfect answer. Still, some analysts think that many possibilities hold for the product to be little smaller in size to make it more financially attractive.  Anyway, whatever may be its size the product is definitely going to be heavier that iPad Air.    
Ultimately, give us a high-five if the product is of the above size with a squeezed bezel, dual LED flash snapper, and an aluminium frame.

Photo Credit:  thetechblocktrustedreviews & 3g.