Sony Xperia Z3 – The Next Flagship from Sony

Flagship war isn’t over yet. Sony’s ace Xperia Z2 is still waiting for release till now to deliver them to the consumer ends. But, leaks and rumors are continuing to spread over for the unveiling of Sony’s another bass for the year  Xperia Z3. Generally, Sony releases two flagships every year to keep up with the other manufacturers.
Samsung, HTC, LG and all the other manufacturers do the same as well. According to a lot of sources, Xperia Z3will come into the market within this year’s August or September. 

Release Date

Sony always takes time to deliver their handsets to the consumer world. Xperia Z2 was unveiled in CES2014 which has been almost 4months from now. It’ll be released anytime. In terms of the second device, Sony might be thinking to pull their marketing strategy towards their advantage. Therefore, it’s possible that Z3 might be unveiled in August or September while making its available to the consumer world towards the year’s end. 

Display & Design

After massive rumors around the design concept, we got hands on some proper news. Xperia Z2 was made out of metallic finish but what they lacked in their design concept, is the thick bezels which made it harder to hold and play with it single-handedly. With Xperia Z3, things are going to change since it’ll bring round edges with smaller bezels.

According to the source, Xperia Z3 will also be 6.1mm thick equipping 5.5-inch display that’s able to force 4K resolution on the screen. It seems that Sony is trying to change the trend of watching TVs to smartphone. Last year, Sony unveiled a TV first of a kind to deliver 4K resolution display. Many Chinese manufacturers are using 4K display in their future flagships, so it goes without saying that Sony will do the same to keep up with other comrades in the flagship war. 

Features & Specification

Sony is planning to bash the other flagships by empowering amazing specs into this smartphone. As we’ve heard, Sony will be putting Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 Processor with a clockspeed of 2.5GHz+. In order to cope up with the future flagships like iPhone 6, GalaxyNote 4, LG G3, Sony will be putting 3 or 4GB RAM. A faster Adreno GPU Chipset will also be used.

Other features might include more storage space. Xperia Z2 followed the consumer needs to put SD Card slot. We hope Xperia Z3 will be equipped with this as well. We also expect to see heart rate sensor, fingerprint sensor from Xperia Z3. In the software section, Sony should be keen enough to remove all the minor glitches with their KitKat update and reduce bloatwares as well.

Camera & Video

Xperia Z2 came with 20.7MP camera and it enables the users to take exceptionally great pictures. Unlike other manufacturers, Sony always keeps pushing its camera features up to the maximum. 

Since, XperiaZ2 has got all the tools it needs; we’d love to see Xperia Z3 improve on other features on its camera. More accuracy in autofocus, HDR mode is necessary as well. Well, Sony will also improve its 4k recording capability as well.
This is all we’ve got till now. Keep tuned with us to receive more updates. 

Photo Credit:  esoftload & bizcorpsonline