Samsung Galaxy Note 4: What we are expecting

This year till now, has a lot of astonishments from every well-liked smartphone maker. Now there is an ample of choices to choose from. But we are still in middle of 2014 and companies know that what’s coming will be a colossal competition, so they wouldn’t risk their big names with low-grade features.
Last year in September Samsung launched its Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which when came with this year’s Galaxy S5, then both of them proved to be a huge rivalry to HTC One M8 and iPhone 5s. So Samsung would never like to lose momentum and that’s why the rumors of its upcoming of the Note are in the air. After looking last year’s Note 3, we have assumed some features we might see in Samsung Galaxy Note 4. What are they? Let’s have a light.

Design and Display
Definitely the look will be fully changed to that of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and we are saying this because Samsung never uses same design twice. So what’s for sure is that no same faux leather back. May be we will witness a metal casing or who can say, a plastic matte material like Galaxy S5. Rumors have been spreading that design will give a similar feel of Galaxy S5.

However, the display is expected to be kept of same size as of Galaxy Note 3. Samsung made us wordless when it sadly didn’t came with a QHD display in Samsung Galaxy S5. Now when LG G3 is rocking a QHD display, it will be shocking if they didn’t come with a full HD.

Expected Specifications
A lot of predictions are telling that Note 4 will be a 32GB phone. We agree too because till now, there are very few smartphones from galaxy who have touched the 32 mark and days are passing so they will bring Note 4 with that, and frankly speaking, Note Series deserve this too. Another big thing in air is that Snapdragon 805 chip from Qualcomm. A gaming gadget surely needs to produce tons of horsepower for which this will be the right choice. And this will make them ahead in markets like USA where Samsung Exynos chips stand nowhere to Snapdragon. The RAM is expected 3GB at least because below than that will be a huge setback for Galaxy Note 4. The software is expected to be handled by Android 4.4.3 Kitkat but if the 4.5 Lollipop came, then the image might get changed. The iOS 8 has a lot of new features in some of its new apps, so Galaxy will also look to give competition to the apps like HealthKit of iOS 8.

Camera and Battery
Simple words, there will be a better one than Galaxy Note 3 13MP shooter. Rumors are lightening that Note 4 will be a 16MP smartphone. 

Nowadays, the Camera section is a key to judge the success of any smartphone. This year, iPhone 6 is supposed to be in and if that came, Samsung would add some extra features like Optical Image stabilization to Note4 because of big rivalry.