List of Windows 8 Cool Keyboard Shortcuts.

Windows 8 - " Shortcuts Keys "

Windows 8  was launched with a view enhance the user's accessibility in both PCs and Tabs.

But since its launching majority of users have found it more suitable for Tabs rather than PCs, but it is not the fact. You can enjoy the same is of access on your PCs if you know the various hotkeys added with Windows 8.

So here's an article for PC users to show the tab users that they aren't at any loss. 

  Keyboard shortcut                                                  Function                                                 

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + DShow Desktop

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + COpen Charms Menu

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + FCharms Menu – Search

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + HCharms Menu – Share

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + KCharms Menu – Devices

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + ICharms Menu – Settings

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + QSearch For Installed Apps

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91WSearch Settings

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + TabCycle through open Modern UI Apps

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + Shift + TabCycle through open Modern UI Apps in reverse order

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + .Snaps app to the right (split screen multitasking)

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + Shift + .Snaps app to the left (split screen multitasking)

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + ,Temporarily view desktop

Alt + F4Quit Modern UI Apps

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + ELaunch Windows Explorer Window

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + LLock PC and go to lock screen

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + TCycle through icons on taskbar (press Enter to launch app)

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + XShow Advanced Windows Settings Menu

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + ELaunch Windows Explorer Window

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + Page DownMoves Start screen and apps to secondary monitor on the right

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + MMinimize all Windows

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + Shift + MRestore all minimized Windows

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + ROpen Run dialog box

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + Up ArrowMaximize current window

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + Down ArrowMinimize current window

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + Left ArrowMaximize current window to left side of the screen

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + Right ArrowMaximize current window to right side of the screen

Ctrl + Shift + EscapeOpen Task Manager

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + Print ScreenTakes a Print Screen and saves it to your Pictures folder

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + Page UpMoves Start screen and apps to secondary monitor on the left

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + Pause BreakDisplay System Properties

Shift + DeletePermanently delete files without sending it to Recycle Bin

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + F1Open Windows Help and Support

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + VCycle through notifications

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + Shift + VCycle through notifications in reverse order

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + 0 to 9Launch/show app pinned to taskbar at indicated number

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + Shift + 0 to9Launch new instance of app pinned to taskbar at indicated number

Alt + EnterDisplay Properties of selected item in File Explorer

Alt + Up ArrowView upper level folder of current folder in File Explorer

Alt + Right ArrowView next folder in File Explorer

Alt + Left ArrowView previous folder in File Explorer

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + PChoose secondary display modes

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + UOpen Ease of Access Center

Alt + Print ScreenPrint Screen focused Window only

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + SpacebarSwitch input language and keyboard layout

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + Shift +Spacebar         Switch to previous input language and keyboard layout

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + EnterOpen Narrator

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + +Zoom in using Magnifier

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + -Zoom out using Magnifier

aa922834-ed43-40f1-8830-d5507badb56c_91 + EscapeExit Magnifier