Imagine the world with no video games. Coming through the paths of many historical changes it preserves a time from the daily routine of trillions of people in the world.  There is hardly any educated person who didn’t play video games and stuff.
Now what is a video game? And how the modern video games has come into the field of technological world rather say in everyday life???  The answer of the question should be given before proceeding.

A game played by electronically manipulating images produced by a computer program on a television screen or display is called as video games. The “video” in "video game" refers to a display device. However, with the popular use of the term "video game", it now implies any type of display device. The electronic systems used to play video games are known as platforms; examples of these are personal computers and video game consoles. These platforms are broad in range, from large computers such as mainframes, to handheld devices such as cell phones and PDAs.

The user interface to manipulate video games is generally called a game controller, which varies across platforms. For instance, a dedicated console controller might consist of only a button and a joystick, or feature a dozen buttons and one or more joysticks. Early computer based games historically relied on the availability of a keyboard for gameplay, or more commonly, required the user to purchase a separate joystick with at least one button to play. Many modern computer games allow the player to use a keyboard and mouse simultaneously.

Beyond the common element of visual feedback , video games have utilized other systems to provide interaction and information to the player. Chief examples of these are sound reproduction devices (speakers) and an array of haptic peripherals. One variant even utilized heat and mild electric shocks when the player failed to succeed.

 It was in 1962 when a young computer programmer from MIT, Steve Russell fueled with inspiration from the writings of E. E. "Doc" Smith*, led the team** that created the first popular computer game. Star war was almost the first computer game ever written, however, they were at least two far-lesser known predecessors: OXO (1952) and Tennis for Two (1958).

It took the team about 200 man-hours to write the first version of space war. Steve Russell wrote Spacewar on a PDP-1, an early DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) interactive minicomputer which used a cathode ray tube type display and keyboard input. The computer was a donation to MIT from DEC, who hoped MIT's think tank would be able to do something remarkable with their product. A computer game called Space war was the last thing DEC expected who later provided the game as a diagnostic program for their customers. Steve Russell never profited from Space wars.

Then what else? With the invention of many digital technology pc games has turned into a whole new perspective. Modern games like Call Of Duty series( which includes Modern Warfare(1,2,3), World at War, Black Ops(1,2) etc.), Batman Arkham Asylum , Barman Arkham City, Need for Speed series, Max Payne series, Prince of Persia series, Hitman series, Mass Effect series etc. which are actually a few among the thousands. These kind of new edge games requires not only a personal computer but also requires computers equipped with special kind of hardware and software.

What we need? 
Ø A PC with all its basic components (it is obviously the most important need).
·        A monitor.
·        A keyboard.
·        A mouse.
·        A speaker.
·        A processing unit with all its components.

Excuse me. What are you saying? You have all the components I am talking about but any of the above mentioning pc games do not run in your computer!!!!  Am I missing something? Yes of course. What happens if I say we need a pc with its basic components having some extraordinary features????   Then you might release your breathe. Yes actually it needs extraordinary features. Now what component should have what kind of special features is the discussable matter.

                Now what should we buy? A desktop computer or a laptop computer! My option will be a desktop computer. Because a desktop gaming computer is much more convenient than a gaming laptop. Though it is a very narrow dissection for me. If you have money in your pocket and much willing to buy a gaming laptop then go for it. If you want to go with my discition (buying a gaming desktop) please buy an assembly desktop computer. It is my strong suggestion not to buy a branded computer.

Now on I am assuming you are not going for a branded computer otherwise my next “garbage” will turn into” real garbage” for you.

Your order of purchase should be as follows (time increases from top to bottom):

Why this particular hierarchy? Let me give an example. Suppose you are buying a processor first instead of buying a motherboard. What happens then? A processor may not be supported on any model of motherboard. That is why if you purchase a processor first you are bound to buy the motherboard according to the processor specification. So your choice of purchase will become bounded to a small extinct. Immediately the other components which fit on motherboard will also suffer due to less scope of choosing variant. So it is needed to maintain the purchase hierarchy.


Motherboards are basically purchased considering 4 elements or characteristics. Those are chipset, socket, form factor and graphics output.

CHIPSET: A number of integrated circuits designed to perform one or more related functions. For example, one chipset may provide the basic functions of a modem while another provides the CPU functions for a computer. Newer chipsets generally include functions provided by two or more older chipsets. In some cases, older chipsets that required two or more physical chips can be replaced with a chipset on one chip. 

Variant of chipsets

Recommended chipset is last 4.

                  SOCKET: It is the place where the processor fits with the processor chip. lGA 1155 is the recommended.

FORM FACTOR: The form factor of a motherboard determines the specifications for its general shape and size. It also specifies what type of case and power supply  will be supported, the placement of mounting holes, and the physical layout and organization of the board.  Form factor is especially important if you build your own computer systems and need to ensure that you purchase the correct case and components. You are recommended to choose the ATX form factor.

I am going to announce a motherboard model from intel that fits with all requirements which are mentioned above is Intel –DZ77RE-75K.

Any third generation Intel i5 or i7 processor. The clock pulse rate of the internal circuitry of value greater than 2.6 Ghz is recommended.

Actually I am going to talk about a component that  will cause sudden fall of the importance of having high end RAM. I am pretty sure you will do something rather than playing game on your computer. Think if your computer takes 30 minutes to open for a poor quality RAM. Meanwhile your friend(s) can cover extra stages of the game and you wait for your pc to stat. it will be a shame for you and your pc. So definitely buy a good RAM for your pc. Try to buy any G SKULL 3 GB DDR3 type
RAM. Transcend is also a good brand for you to choose.

Graphics card:
And here comes the part which has the most priority to play high end games release now a day. It is my personal favourite part also.i have waited a long time to write this particular portion of this article. In this department nVIDIA(yes its first letter is small) is a brand that wipes out all other which deals with graphics card.  Other than that it invented a new computer architecture named KEPLAR.  That’s a different story although. The brand also offers many technology  regarding visuals.
Those are SLI, physX, CUDA, Optimus , Maximus .  Oh the appreciation is not going to end soon. The brand also offers 3D Vision Technology and Surround Mode technology. There is a reason that I mentioned the last two technologies separately. Becaue I am only going to talk about the last two technologies. The firsts are  bit technical and may not be understable to all people.

1.  3D Vision Technology: 

This technology offers user to enjoy 3d games in 3d. graphics card equipped with  this feature can also offers to play 2d game in quite impressive 3d. rather than gaming if you want to watch 3d movie from your Blu-Ray collection then you must have to have this feature installed in your graphics card. But it is not sufficientto watch 3d movies and play 3d games. You also have to have 3d vision capable led dosplay and 3d glass and a 3d supported pc. Now how can we understand than the pc we are creating by component by component  is going to be a 3d capable pc or not. No problem guys: I am giving you the answer. Go back to the motherboard section. I have recommended you to buy an intel product which is Intel –DZ77RE-75K has the feature nVIDIA SLI cross bridge and include a custom SLI bridge which is Making this pc a 3d capable one. So here I also talk about what the system monitor  should be. To choose from vast range of monitor I am providing this link (ouch I am nothing). http://www.nvidia.in/object/buy-3d-monitors-in.html

         2.   Surround Mode Technology:

This technology offers an ultra-wide gameplay.  Actually the environment of a game is not physically stored in the card. It is fully programmable. When you need to see the particular direction you have to move your mouse to align according to the direction and the processor creates it. To understand this easily I can mention an example- The Panorama Pictures. A panorama picture offers you a full 360O view of a scenery. When you watch a panorama picture through internet a part of the picture appears to your screen. When you move vertically and horizontally the other portion starts to download. Now the same things happens to a game. If the video card is vast in memory it can hold all the ambience of the gameplay and can displays instantly when required. Now Surround Mode Technology offers the game play lihe this picture.

So you can understand how this feature from nVIDIA creates a whole new experience in playing video games. This feature can drive upto 4 monitors at a time.you again need 3d vision glasses and 3d vision ready display to enjoy it.

I am giving the same link again fir your convenience: http://www.nvidia.in/object/buy-3d-monitors-in.html
I am directly mentioning a grphics card model number which is highly recommended. That is nvidia GeForce GTX 690.


       If you want to play many games at once then please try to buy hdd above 240gb of capacity.

Other peripheral device:

       Razer is a good brand to buy its gaming keyboard, mouse and headphones. To know more go to http://www.razerzone.com/.
Hope you enjoyed reading my article. If you have any kind of query, likes and dislikes please comment.