In electronics Era, emailing is most important things among Companies and Employees. On the other hand MBOX  is most universally used format and various email client application  support this file format for storing of emails on hdd. In this format every single mail stores in concatenated format or email messages get gathered one after another.

The main characteristic that you need to know is that MBOX format is support by many email client applications such as PowerMail, Apple Mail, Mulberry, Mozilla Mail, Eudora, Sylpheed, SeaMonkey, Entourage, Netscape, Opera Mail, Thunderbird, Evolution, Spicebird, Claws Mail, POCO Mail, ClawsMail, Cone, Mutt, & Gnu Mail. But most of time user want to switch back from any email client application to MS Outlook because Microsoft Outlook has numbers of features that  provide secure service and this application available in all over the world.It has simple GUI and easy to use interface and doesn't require any technical knowledge to working with this application. As a matter of fact that many cases have shown that thousands of consumers desire to switch back their current email application and wish to use Microsoft Outlook.

With Stiff Competition, IBID Info MBOX to PST Converter is Advances and Better
THE GOOD: IBID Info MBOX to PST Converter tool a spacious with our functionality and offer various features that makes this application spectacular for their conversion rate. A top-notch commercial tool with an excellent performance that transforms MBOX files to their corresponding Outlook data files. This software provided smooth and secure conversion of MBOX to PST that can be imported into MS Outlook.

IBID Info MBOX to PST Converter is a complete tool to migrate from numbers of email clients applications to MS Outlook PST format. This utility facilitates a seamless conversion of MBOX file into PST format without wasting any time.

To say that IBID Info doing conversion of MBOX file to PST file differently. We introduce this software as life saver with unique technology. With fast performance, a great preview display, an elegant features and a much-needed software update, it's one of the best email conversion tool you can purchase right now. But even then, the IBID Info MBOX to PST converter software is still the better choice foremost users.

1.     With the support of this IBID Info MBOX to PST converter tool, user can not convert only some selected mails into an Outlook PST file.
2.     In Technical License the Tool does not afford simultaneous recovery from several systems.
3.     Several customers may find it expensive ($199 for Technical License) other than single user license, it is obtainable for $39.

·  Microsoft Outlook: 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003
·  Supported System(s): Windows 10, Windows 8, 8.1, 7,  Win Vista, XP
·  Processor: Intel Pentium class
·  Memory: At Least 1GB
·  Space in Disk: 50 MB free space in hard drive

Complete Information of IBID Info MBOX to Outlook Converter Application
·        Name of the Application: IBID Info MBOX to PST Converter
·        Software Available in 2.2 Version

·        Download Size: 8.5 MB
·        Software Setting up in minimum: 20 Sec

·        Trial Version is: Available

·        License Category: Single User License for Single Operating System
·        Technical License for Different System and different software
·        Minimum Charges of the Software for Single tool: $39

·        Product Website Linkhttp://www.ibidinfo.com/product/mbox-to-pst-converter.html

Performance of the IBID Info MBOX to PST Converter Tool
According to users the overall performance of the application is good and gives 100% conversion result. Preview feature which is offer by the software is good because while software displays the preview after conversion, user can easily see the converted items of their mailbox. This preview window is separated into three pane. This feature is really nice and gives the rate 9.9 out of 10.

Besides, we talk about scan engine since examining is the noteworthy part of email converter. At the starting point, the software obliges choosing the MBOX file from an area on the operating system and after that it examine the MBOX file rapidly. All things considered, as the equipment setup of the PC I am running the product on is verging on like that I have specified prior in the System Requirements area, the base rating for the checking stage should not be lesser than 9.8/10 and I would rate it similarly.

Main Feature of IBID Info MBOX Converter
  • ·        Software support 20+ email client application
  • ·        Simple User Interface that makes the application exceptional from              other tool
  • ·        Software perform multiple conversion of MBOX file
  • ·        Software display preview after conversion, so that user can decide              which items need to be save.
  • ·        Software support Windows 10 too.
  • ·        Duel Saving Options provided by software

After a long time Google is introducing a new logo today. The new Google logo is still a word mark, but it's now using a sans-serif typeface font, making it look a lot more modern, attractive and playful. The colors are also a bit softer than they used to be and also a new graphics. 

The logo bears a bit more resemblance to the logo of Google's new parent company, Alphabet, as well. Alphabet's word mark has a similarly unadorned look, and this update makes the two companies' design language fall a bit more inline.


Finally! WhatsApp Web Comes to iOS. WhatsApp Web is the feature that lets you sync WhatsApp chats from your smartphone to your desktop, is now finally available for iOS users. The web.whatsapp.com page now has a support for iPhones as well. 

To check if you have the feature already, head into WhatsApp, then settings and look for WhatsApp Web in the list.

Support for pairing with your computer appears to be rolling out right now — it doesn’t appear for me, for example — but it’s exciting to see that it’s finally coming for iPhone users.

For instance, we tried it with an iPhone 5c and the option to sync WhatsApp with the Desktop was not available. However with an iPhone 6 we were able to sync WhatsApp Web quite easily. 

"Pichai Sundararajan, better known as Sundar Pichai, is a technology executive who is Product Chief at Google Inc. Pichai was announced as the next Chief executive officer of Google on 10 August 2015."

Sundar Pichai's recent promotion to the CEO of Google is anything but a surprise - at least for one former employee.
An ex-Googler who requested to remain anonymous said Pichai has shown that he's "CEO material" over the past few years. This person left the company recently after working at Google for several years.
"If you look at how he's kind of risen with Chrome, and then getting Chrome and Android, and being able to grow a lot of that under his tenure, it was very clear to anyone that he was being groomed for CEO," this person said, who previously worked with Pichai. "It's not a surprise to me."

Education and background
Pichai was born in Chennai, India and completed his schooling from Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan. He later earned the Bachelors of Technology (B.Tech) degree from IIT- Kharagpur, and further went in for an MS from Stanford University. He also holds an MBA degree from University of Pennsylvania.
Before joining Google
Sundar Pichai has earlier worked for McKinsey & Company in management consulting. He has also worked in engineering and product management at Applied Materials.

Google and pre-Chrome era
Pichai joined Google in 2004  and is known to have worked on popular products like Toolbar, and also others like Google Gears and Google Pack, before Chrome was launched. However, it was the success of the Toolbar that helped Pichai pace through his career as Google noticed that it was significantly increasing the number of  user searches. This eventually made Google believe that it should have its own browser.

Rise of Chrome and Pichai
At Google, Pichai is popular for having led product management and innovation of Google’s client software products such as Google Chrome and Chrome OS. Pichai is believed to be the man responsible for driving Google’s Chrome OS and browser forward. In 2008, he was appointed as VP of product development and introduced Chrome browser. It was soon followed by Chrome OS in 2009. It was from 2008 that people started seeing more of Pichai at Google presentations and he soon became a known Google face. By 2012, he was the Senior VP of Chrome and apps.

Appointed as Android chief
Though Pichai had spent almost a decade at Google, it was only in 2013 that he became a well known figure worldwide after stepping into the shoes of Andy Rubin. Interestingly, Pichai joined Google in the same year that Rubin brought Android to Google via acquisition. Though Rubin helped develop Android to a great extent for almost a decade, Larry Page soon felt that Pichai would help give it a further push.

Ties with Samsung and Android One
Sundar Pichai is believed to be the man responsible for keeping smooth ties with partners like Samsung. He recently also launched the Android One initiative in India by teaming up with local manufacturers like Micromax, Spice and Karbonn.
CEO candidate at Microsoft
He was also rumoured to be one of the key candidates being considered for top position at Microsoft, which later went to India-born Satya Nadella.

Products head
Last year, Larry Page promoted Pichai to oversee core products including search, maps, Google+, commerce, advertising and infrastructure and more. This means, the heads of these departments will now report to Pichai. This puts Pichai at a very key position at Google, as the company’s main services such as search and advertising units help generate major chunk of the revenue.

The Galaxy K Zoom has been launched and it’s one of Samsung’s latest offering that brings to you a phone-camera hybrid for photography lovers. The phone is equipped with the lens of a proper camera making it the perfect accessory for those who’ve always wanted a good camera phone to never miss any of life’s fleeting moments and capture them in high definition.
Here is all you need to know about Samsung’s latest offering and what exactly it brings to the table.


The Galaxy K Zoom looks like an ordinary phone from the front but has a dimpled body structure at the back to accommodate the lens making it look like a digital camera and nothing like a phone. The lens is pretty gigantic for the phone and this adds to its weight and overall dimension. The battery is well incorporated and the phone is easy to grip. The body has a dotted design much like the Galaxy S5. The phone is 20mm thick and this might make it a little difficult to fit in tight jeans. 

The phone weighs 200 gms which is heavy for a phone it’s size. However, if you want a compact phone, the size and weight is just right for you. There is no zoom ring and zoom can be operated by using the volume up and down buttons to adjust it. The full zoom action takes place in about 4 seconds which can be slow at times.


The phone comes with a 4.8 inch super AMOLED display which gives bright colours and crisp display. The phone’s resolution is 720 X 1280 which is very good for this screen size.  The screen comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Protection preventing it from scratches and unwanted marks. The ppi of the phone is approximately 306 making images sharp and clear and making this a great screen to watch videos and play games. Get this phone at amazing prices using shopclues coupons from Cashkaro that help you earn cash back over and above discounts making it a great offer.


This is the true winner for this phone and gives users something to rejoice about who’ve always wanted an amazing camera inbuilt a smart phone.  The camera is a massive 20.7 mega pixels and is gifted with an Illuminated CMOS sensor. The phone has an optical zoom of 10x and works like a magnifying glass rather than working like normal digital zoom which just crops the photo to zoom into the subject and cutting off the surroundings. This helps the camera provide better depth to the photos which can now be viewed in great detail. 

The image quality is maintained thanks to its sensor. You can easily shoot objects placed at a distance and thanks to image stabilization the photo quality is quite commendable. The phone also hosts a 2 MP front camera, but it’s rear camera is the true feature this phone offers.

Internal Specification

The phone runs on Android Kitkat 4.4.2 and is powered by a 1.3 GHz Quad Core Processor making it quite quick and easy to work around with. The phone is 4G LTE compatible but offers a single SIM. As far as the memory is concerned, the phone powers 8GB internal memory which can be boosted to 32 GB using an external memory card. 

It also runs on a 2GB RAM which is quite impressive for such a phone and is great for downloading apps as it gives enough space to move around. Get stylish covers for your brand new Samsung Galaxy K Zoom using amazon coupons to earn not just discounts but cash back too and keep your phone and its lens well protected from damage.


The phone comes with a 2430 mAh battery which gives it good battery life but heavy usage would mean having to carry a charger as it would need charging. Medium usage can last a day without charging and overall the performance of the phone is good.

If you’re looking for a phone that also acts as a digital camera, then this is your best bet as it combines the best of both worlds with this amazing product. With a 10x zoom you will surely capture every image in crystal clear clarity!

Apple is going to do its next blast in the tech world anytime soon. iPhone7 is the device that has been rumored for quite a while now. From the amount of rumors coming with every passing day, it seems everyone's focus is on this Apple-tagged upcoming smartphone. If you want to know what we have got from the mix-up of rumors so far, then do read out below.


Apple has been highlighting the iPhone’s camera in its recent advertising, and it’s set to get another bump this time around. Leaked social media posts seemed to indicate that the rear camera will have a 12MP sensor for taking photos, and will shoot 4K video.

The front-facing, or selfie, camera will also be improved. And it could even get a flash, to allow for selfies in the dark. The camera will also be controlled by Force Touch, according to reports. Pressing hard on the screen will be able to control extra features on the camera, like triggering a burst of stills during a film, or switching from photo to video mode.


All features are near to waste if the battery backup of any device is not good. To give a long battery backup to its users.

There'll be extra space in the phone, which is going to be filled with more battery, according to reports. And new insides will let the phone run much more efficiently.


The new phones will come in the same sizes: a 4.7-inch display and a 5.5-inch one.

But Apple could also release a smaller version — perhaps called an iPhone 6C — that will be the same size as the iPhone 5 and 5S.


We've already seen a lot of iOS 9, which was revealed at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference in June and released as a public beta a month later. It’s unlikely that any major new updates will be added.

The main new part of the software is likely to be the integration of Force Touch. It isn’t clear exactly how Apple will integrate the feature — but if it’s anything like the Apple Watch, it will likely be added to certain menus so that a long press will bring up extra options.

Some have suggested that a hard press on the Wi-Fi button on Control Center could bring up extra options to choose which Wi-Fi network a phone is on, for instance.


The phone will almost certainly be faster. Some rumours have indicated that some parts like the Touch ID sensor will work 30% quicker — which could be key as Apple Pay, which relies on the sensor, is rolled out.

Finally the wait is over!! Voice calling on WhatsApp finally arrived on Android late last month. iOS users are were left waiting for the feature, however – until today.
A new WhatsApp version 2.12.1 of the messenger is now live in the App Store, calling support included.

It seems the feature isn’t actually active for everyone just yet, however. Aside from software updates, WhatsApp tends to roll out features by flipping a switch on their servers. As the changelog notes,  support will arrive in waves over the next several weeks.
WhatsApp Calling iPhone Screen Shots


Anticipations have been high ever since Apple announced the successor to iPad Air 2 in late 2014. It seems only yesterday that this very space was brimming with discussions about the upcoming iPad Air 2; its features, specifications, price, release date and tons of rumors! And already, the limelight has moved on to its successor.

Motorola has stunned the world with its new Moto Turbo device, it is something extraordinary, and the company has elevated the competition bar to a whole new level, and now a hot topic of discussion is, whether Motorola has overtaken the supremacy of the smartphone world from Google Nexus 6. Let us compare the two phones and pick out the more supreme out of the supreme.


Motorola Moto Turbo is an exceptionally stylish phone, and the level of sophistication blends in with the high-profile business crowd. The exterior construction flow is flawless, and is garnished with a radiating shine and built with a robust ballistic nylon layer commonly used in bulletproof vests. There is a nano coating, that is repellent to water and it is also resistant to spills. An important point to note is the devise is not completely water proof, it can withstand about 20 minutes of water after which, there are chances of it getting spoilt.
The Nexus 6 is among the best looking phones in the market, on the front is a trendy curved glass and the rear cover is built with a robust plastic that has a soft touch, and according to reports, it is a superior make from the earlier Android devices with plastic layer. The prime selling design feature is the huge Nexus logo on the rear garnished with pristine silver. The built quality of the phone is phenomenal, and it is packed with magnificent style, and sources say it is a welcome change from Nexus 5. It is a great piece to own for those who are fascinated with large screen phones.


Moto Turbo is engineered with a rich 5.2 inch display and the screen is built with a potent Gorilla Glass technology and the resolution capacity is 2,560x1,440 pixels. Users can explore an unimaginable blend of vivid colours and the viewing angles are great as well.

Nexus 6 is built with an Amoled screen, and it is the mystery behind the phenomenal colour technology. The colour co-ordination is great, and to further emphasize on it, a simple red colour portrays the intensity of a darker shade, the gold and yellow shades have a darker concentration power as well. The 5.96 inch screen is built with a resolution power of 1440x2560 pixels. The viewing angles are splendid.


Moto Turbo is built with Android 4.4.4 KitKat software, and it can be upgraded to Android 5.0 Lollipop. The robust software supports a series of apps like Motor Alert, Moto Assist and Moto Migrate and also voice services. The Migrate apps enable users to transfer contacts to the phone from previously used iOS and Android systems. The phone has an efficient software system and consumers can enjoy a multitude of apps, and also engage in splendid gaming moments.
Nexus 6 is engineered with Android 5.0 operating system, and here too there are many apps, redesigned by Google. The performance is first-rate and it is one of the swiftest performers in the market. Users can explore series of apps and also explore some amazing games.


Motorola Turbo is a supreme performer, and is engineered with a pioneering 2.7GHz Snapdragon 805 quad-core processor with 3GB RAM. The internal memory power can expand to 64GB. Motorola provides the needed high-level convenience with Moto Turbo, the movement between apps is swift and there is minimal room for lag.
Nexus 6 is installed with 2.7GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with Adreno 430 graphics. It has 3GB RAM, and 32GB interior storage, and users who have tested the phone were marvelled by the performance, in terms of crispness and call quality. The phone has two speakers on bottom and top. According to reports, it is one of the best devices to venture into a fantastic gaming world.


Motorola Turbo is engineered with an efficient 21MP camera with dual LED flash, and the video capturing output is 4k. It is ideal for ardent photography and filming enthusiasts, and users can store hundreds of camera apps and even design collages. Some of the intriguing camera apps are Highlights and Quick Capture, and there is also a wrist flick gesture app that launches camera from lock screen. The capturing power of Turbo is phenomenal and it will transform consumers into an unexplored world of stunning photography. It is great to shoot away breathtaking scenery, landslides and architecture.
Nexus 6 has a 13MP rear camera, with ring flash that enables superb image quality even under low-light conditions, contributed by optical image stabilisation app. Under intense light circumstances, the camera functions marvellously, and image detailing is clearly visible. The colour output is mind blowing, particularly on HDR mode, there is so much quality and contrast and there is little room for dullness and over-brightness. Even under dim light scenario, the 13MP camera in Nexus 6 captures admirable images.


Motorola Turbo functions on a highly efficient 3,900 mAh battery, and it is extraordinary indeed, and the charge process is swift, in just 15 minutes of charging, and charge infused is equivalent to six hours of charging. It comes as no surprise that Motorola Turbo has the most efficient battery power in the smartphone world.
Nexus 6 functions on 3,220 mAh charge, and the battery power is highly impressive, and convenient. With just an hour of charge, consumers can make the best use of the phone and indulge in social networking, long calls, gaming and extensive browsing. The phone is equipped with a swift charging system, in just 15 minutes; the charge capacity is 20%.


The average price of Nexus 6 is Rs 43,999, and Motorola Turbo costs Rs 41,999


The two phones have equally attractive designs, Nexus 6 has a bigger display screen, and both phones are built with 1440x2560 pixels resolution. The software potential of Nexus 6 is superior and operates on Android 5.0 operating system and Motorola Turbo is engineered with Android 4.4.4 KitKat.
Motorola Moto Turbo has a more efficient camera, a 21MP shooter and Nexus 6 has 13MP rear camera. Maxx has greater battery power of an unbeatable 3,900 mAh against 3,220 mAh on Nexus 6.

Photo Source:  Intoday.in

Apple engineers are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the release of their much anticipated iOS 9 will go as smoothly as possible. The heartburn left after the release of iOS 8 must be fresh in their minds which explain the lengthy testing phase.

Ever since the Samsung Galaxy Note series was introduced back in 2011, people had been praising this phablet series. The latest iteration to the Note series was released no more than three months ago. However, people saving money for a new smartphone have already started making guesses about the upcoming Galaxy Note device so that they could save even more money and purchase the latest smartphone which is assumed to unveil on September 2015. The newest Samsung phablet is probably going to be named Note 5; and maybe there will be another version with a curved display like the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.


As of yet, there has been no official development news on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It is too early, there hasn’t been any significant development on Android operating system since the Note 4 came out either. However, assuming on the processors that are scheduled to release soon we have made our guess about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 specifications.

The Galaxy Note 5 is most likely to have a Snapdragon 810 processor for the LTE variant. Samsung releases every smartphone with different variants and there’s an Exynos version as well, which is basically targeted for the 3G based markets and Note 5 won’t be any different. There hasn’t been any update on a latest Exynos processor development by the time this report was being written, however we assume it’s an Exynos 7420.

4 GB for the RAM is quite enough on a smartphone and the Snapdragon 801’s 64 bit operation capability provides utilizes the most of a bigger RAM. The apps will run butter smooth and there will be a whole new era of multitasking. Since Samsung always emphasizes on the multitasking capability on their Note devices, you can expect something bigger. There might be a whole new package of software level implementation to utilize the most of the superior hardware package. S-pen to the rescue; multitasking on a Note device feels unique and more productive than ever and a big applause goes to the S-pen.

Speaking of this S-pen, we could expect a more fine-tipped nib than now. Adding an eraser to the S-pen would make things even better, only if Samsung implements this new feature.

Adding new camera sensors make photography a richer experience. The 21 megapixel camera would be well enough for all lighting situation especially dimly lit ones; there will definitely be some sort of ground breaking stabilization controls for both still photos and videos. The front camera isn’t confirmed yet, it could be a 5 MP with wide selfie feature like the Note 4. We don’t expect a front camera flash on a Samsung flagship device, yet.
The display is most probably going to be 4k. The craze is going crazy all over the world and if a smartphone is to feature 4k displays, that would begin a new era in smart phone technology. To compensate for the higher power consumption, Samsung would require implementation of better battery and power saving techniques.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is surely going to be one best flagship devices of all times. Samsung must have planned some epic ways to celebrate their 5th generation of Note devices; let’s just wait for it.

Today when i log in my Facebook account, Suddenly i got a friend request of mine or suggested by one of my friend to me and you might have seen that you are getting friend request from yourself. It's nothing but just a back door of Facebook or you can say a friend request trick. You can easily do this trick of sending friend request of your friend to themselves.